At CRBN AUTO CARE, we offer the most advanced coatings such as GYEON Mohs and GYEON Prime, as well as other great ceramic infused waxes by AngelWax.


Ceramic Coatings and their Properties

Ceramic Coatings, also known as Glass Coatings, are layers of SiO2, (Silicon Oxide) which when hardened becomes a hard glass surface. These coatings strengthen the paint hardness by a 9H level as well as protects from harsh chemicals, UV-rays, road salt, and water spots. This, when properly applied, maintains protection and extreme hydrophobic properties for up to 2 years and can last as long as 5 years, (as long as the exterior is regularly maintained). These coatings come in many forms, but the two most popular forms are liquid and an infused wax, which both are very effective. 

GYEON Quartz Cloth 

GYEON has world leading ceramic coating technology and have a variety of coatings that vary in both durability, hydrophobic properties, and longevity. Their product line includes: MATTE Q2, PRIME Q2, MOHS Q2, BOOSTER Q2, PHOBIC Q2, BEAD Q2, RIM Q2, TRIM Q2, REPEL Q2, and Q2M CURE. 

PRICE - $825 & UP*

*This includes 2 Step Paint Correction

Gyeon Mohs+Matte=Bead.jpg

AngelWax 5th Element.jpg


AngelWax a European brand that originated in Scotland has become one of the elite brands in the detailing world. They have many products that range from hydrophobic window sealants to ceramic infused waxes. They're known for their world-class line of waxes: Fifth Element Ceramic, Luminosity, Angelwax, Drift, Desirable, and the Guardian. These products vary in purpose, from long-term durability to month long show wax. These products are great for both show cars and daily driver enthusiasts. These waxes are good alternatives to ceramic coatings, but vary in durability and longevity. 

Call for Pricing*

*The price consists of the desired correction amount plus the wax that is desired, (there are vast differences between these waxes).