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What is Paint Correction?

Summed up, paint correction is the process in which surface contaminants and scratches are removed to show the true color and reflection that a car's surface should have.

What's the process look like?

We start with a thorough rinse and wash of all surfaces and wheels so as to remove loose surface dirt and grime. We then claybar the car thoroughly to ensure all contaminants that weren't removed in the first step have been. We then rinse, dry and start the correction(s) phase. The Correction phase is where clearcoat is refined and cleaned. There are different steps in the correction phase due to more severely damaged paint. The more steps of correction means more scratch removal and then further refinement....  Or you just want to remove anything and everything to ensure your car is the cleanest on the road.


Mirror like results are achieved through paint correction.

Mirror like results are achieved through paint correction.

Stage 1 Correction - $425

This include a thorough wash, claybar, and a once over paint correction. This removes most scratches, haze, water spots and bird dropping stains. This includes a paint sealant, (Angelwax).

Stage 2 Correction - $650

This includes a thorough wash and claybar, this is followed by a one step to remove all surface imperfections and then a second step correction to refine and perfect surface finish. Then is finished off with a paint sealant, (AngelWax).